"We bring relief in difficult times"

Many of our customers don’t usually meet us until disaster strikes. It’s a time of financial worry, due to unforeseen illness or unemployment. This is why we place such a strong emphasis on customer care.

Our insurance products protect people in many different areas of life, from unemployment or sickness to the untimely passing of a loved one. Depending on the coverage plan, we make sure people can fulfil their financial commitments – like paying their mortgages, bills or consumer loans even during difficult periods.



Reduced stress levels

“We bring relief in difficult times. To be sure, unemployment is a financial shock. By helping people to cope financially, we help to absorb this shock and reduce stress”, says Kirsi Holmgren, Head of Nordic Operations at AXA Partners.

Typically, customers have taken out an insurance policy through AXA Partners’ partner. So if they make a claim, it’s often their first contact with AXA Partners, placing high demands on our customer service.

“We take great pride in making that first contact a great customer experience. It strengthens confidence in our partners – and, by extension, in us. It’s extremely important that we deliver the same service and meet the same service expectations as the customer is expecting from our partner”, says Holmgren.


Met with respect

When people find themselves in unfortunate situations – sickness, unemployment or mourning – it’s vitally important that they are met with respect. AXA Partners conducts regular customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that expectations are met or exceeded.

“Claimant satisfaction is a must at AXA Partners. This dedication is reflected in our customer satisfaction data and we generally receive high marks when it comes to respectful and empathetic customer experiences”, remarks Holmgren.

Testimonials include:

  • “Quick response time, expedited processing and top-level service”.

  • “The insurance policy is clear, the terms and conditions are very easy to understand, and the claims handling was professional”.
  • “The coverage was greatly beneficial”.


Streamlined claiming process

Customers naturally want fast, effortless claims handling, so AXA Partners is constantly exploring ways to streamline the process.
“For instance, we are reducing the number of documents that need to be filled out, and we are introducing convenient web tools for uploading these documents”, says Kirsi Holmgren.
As a part of AXA Partners’ strategy of going from Payer to Partner, we are constantly exploring new ways of collaborating. One example is a recent blockchain solution, set up in collaboration with Stratumn and the state unemployment agency in Sweden, Arbetsförmedlingen.
“This has not only enabled simplified claim submission, removed administrative pain for customers and reduced the risk of errors, but also increased the customer net promotor score from -7 to 66", says Sofia Kwarnmark, Operation Manager at AXA Partners Sweden.
Currently, AXA Partners is also piloting an initiative to support unemployed customers to get back to work faster.
“It is extremely satisfying to go beyond just paying claims and truly standing by our customers’ when they need it most", adds Kwarnmark.
“At the end of the day, our job is to help people return to their everyday lives as quickly as possible. To do that, they need peace of mind. That’s where we come in”, concludes Kirsi Holmgren.