AXA Partners

 AXA Partners is dedicated to developing and accelerating its global partnership business.

AXA Partners

AXA Partners is an AXA transversal business unit offering a wide range of solutions in assistance services, travel insurance and credit protection. AXA Partners’ role is also to implement innovative solutions emerging from the AXA Innovation unit.

AXA Partners was officially launched on 7 September 2015. AXA Partners was created by pooling the expertise and capabilities of our two existing experts in partnerships within the Group (AXA Assistance and AXA Partners CLP). This new organisation enables us to deliver our mission – providing our customers with global solutions which respond to their evolving needs. In 2018, AXA Partners’ revenues reached €3.03 billion.

Our Mission

AXA Partners’ mission is to provide superior emergency & everyday services and specialized insurance to our corporate clients, including AXA entities, in order to empower their end-customers to live a better life.

The Executive Committee

  • PAUL ANTOINE CRISTOFARI Head of Sales, Marketing & Distribution

  • JULIE LESNE Head of Services & Assistance

  • XAVIER BLANCHARD Head of Specialized Insurance

  • SOPHIE LATIL Global Head of Lifestyle Protection

  • HERVE LE HEN Chief Operating Officer

  • MATHIEU VERILLAUD Chief Financial Officer

  • EMMANUEL TOUZEAU Chief People and Communications Officer

  • EMILY COUPLAND General Secretary

  • PAUL CAPREZ Chief Risk Officer