Corporate Assistance

From the assessment of global travel risk to evacuation, we provide medical and security travel assistance to corporate companies with business travelers and expatriates across the world.

Corporate Assistance

Serving the health and safety of international employees.

Key Components

Serving the health and safety of international employees

Aware of the evolution of the risks associated with business travel, the legal constraints weighing on the employer and the challenges of communicating preventive measures, AXA Partners offers a modular offer adapted to the concerns of companies operating internationally:

  • Health information & security

  • 24/7 hotline for any additional information or advice

  • Medical assistance and security 24/7 for any problem that may occur during a business trip

  • Insurance coverage that is valid worldwide, without exclusions for countries or war situations.

AXA Partners responds to a triple need of employers, business leaders, Human Resources Departments, Safety Departments and Risk Management:

  • By offering a single point of contact for all-cause assistance from all countries thanks to our medical and safety experts

  • By facilitating access to information with a simple & graphic digital solution, giving the employee control of their own security

  • By simplifying administrative management thanks to the integration of mobility insurance guarantees and cover for expatriate health costs.

Digital Support Tools

Access to information is crucial in managing mobility. This is why AXA Partners has developed a visual and intuitive interface to help plan the trip, as well as providing and access to essential information when it's needed:

  • Manager interface intended for the HR Director, Risk Director, Security Director or other person responsible for the safety of employees on a business trip or mission. This supports the sharing of documents necessary for business trips, the receipt of alerts that impact their employees and the ability to geo-locate them, as well as sending and communicating a safety check request

  • Mobile application for employees, allowing them to access health and safety information and thus avoid endangering themselves, to trigger the panic button to contact the emergency assistance center in one click, to respond to the safety check activated by their Manager and to receive alerts relating to any event likely to impact them.

An Operational Center Accessible 24/7

Our assistance managers, medical teams and security experts are now grouped together on our assistance platforms, because we know that time management is a critical success factor. They manage the relationship with our medical network and our various experts around the world as closely as possible, and can organize a crisis unit in a few minutes.

With a single telephone number, accessible 24/7, the various requests are processed immediately. Whether it's a question about administrative formalities, advice or a medical or security emergency, our teams are able to respond and coordinate to act quickly.

Our partners have access to:

  • 40,000 medical providers

  • 34 operational centers

  • And over 500 security experts & providers.

Concerned about security issues, AXA Partners has supported the CDSE (Club of Directors of Business Security) for more than 5 years and helps it to carry out the Barometer of employee safety internationally. AXA Partners supports employees on business trips or expatriation, as well as the people or departments responsible for them.