Home Assistance

Whether it's prevention or delivering immediate solutions in emergency situations, we work to constantly ensure the well-being of your customers and their families at home.

Home Assistance Overview

Well-being at home is a core human need, which is why lifecare services form a key pillar of our offering. Whether it's prevention (attempted burglary, fire risks etc) or delivering immediate solutions in emergency situations (leaks, heating problems etc), we constantly look after the well-being of our customers and their families at home.

Key Components

We aim to maintain a leading offering that continues to leverage cutting-edge technologies for connected homes.

AXA Partners develops home assistance solutions with energy distributors, large specialized distributors, insurers, banks or companies wishing to develop their home assistance offers. When a problem occurs, our support managers work on your behalf with private or professional customers at home or in commercial premises until the problem is fully resolved:

  • Assistance guarantees linked to MRH and MRP contracts (electrical emergency repairs, plumbing, gas, etc.)

  • Guarantees including warranty extensions for Brown, White and Gray goods

  • Home protection supported by connected devices.

Assistance in Situations Affecting the Home

Our dedicated team of home specialists supports and advises your customers 24/7 until their problem is fully resolved.

Our expert home assistance technicians, trained in fault identification, resolve 25% of cases by remote diagnosis.

For more complex situations, our Home Technical Unit of former plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and household appliance craftsmen takes over from the network of service providers, in particular for the analysis of quotes.

A Network of Home Professionals

The home assistance solutions designed by AXA Partners cover all areas of housing intervention and require the support of different trades:

  • plumbing

  • ​electricity

  • heating

  • locksmiths

... but also moving companies, after-sales service specialists, security professional.

A Network of 1,300 Home Assistance Providers

The 1,300 home assistance providers of AXA Partners are local businesses (artisans, sole proprietors, SMEs etc) with a good knowledge of their geographic area. Our network of providers is audited and certified to take into account the specific requirements of your customer base.

Innovation at Home

But of course it's about a lot more than repairs. Always attentive to emerging technologies and emerging customer behaviors, AXA Partners actively monitors the evolution of domestic connected objects such as connected light bulbs, mini-cameras and intrusion detectors, all of which are now being used by more and more people around the world.

These home alert and prevention systems, part of the newly emerging Internet of Things (or IoT), enrich the scope of intervention services that can be offered by AXA Partners.

The Connected Home Proposition

With the AXA Partners Connected Home proposition, in the event of an intrusion or in response to a simple signal from a customer, our assistance managers can trigger an immediate response to secure the customer's home.

Thanks to this self-monitoring device, the client enjoys a high level of security at home while preserving maximum privacy. In this way the home is secured remotely and anywhere in the world.

Devices Connected to the Heart of Home Assistance

We know that your customers want to feel more secure and to respond quickly when something goes wrong at home. AXA Partners works to continuously develop its broad range of connected device management, including water and smoke leak detection.