Travel Assistance

 AXA Partners offers a wide range of services for tourists, professionals, students and others, allowing everyone to travel without stress.

Travel Assistance Overview

Travel assistance is a traditional corner stone of our business. AXA Partners offers a wide range of services to cater to all kinds of traveler. We also offer the opportunity to build specific assistance packages that meet your own customer's needs.


Support Before, During and After Travel

For AXA Partners, travel assistance means more than an emergency response; we provide ongoing support before, during and after travel.

Beforehand, we provide essential information that helps your customers organize their journey (administrative requirements, medical prerogatives, safety information etc.

Whenever necessary, at any time during their stay, our customers can rely on our international medical network. And if their health deteriorates, we will organise a medical repatriation operation and ensure all necessary medical follow-up and home care services.

These services combine to make sure that your customers can travel with complete peace of mind and can cope with the unexpected:

  • Medical repatriation

  • Payment of emergency medical, search and rescue costs

  • Travel cancellations

  • Healthcare costs

  • Legal protection

  • Interruption of stay guarantee

  • Homecare services

  • Personalized services to support a range of leisure activities such as diving, skiing etc.

Web & Mobile Support For Your Customers

Travelers also benefit from web tools & mobile applications to help plan their their trip and to manage the unexpected when it happens:

  • Information and advice before, during and after a trip, covering over 200 destinations

  • Visas

  • Vaccinations

  • Medical providers

  • Safety tips.

Your customers can access this information anywhere and at any time throughout their journey.

Tailor-Made Solutions For Global Travel Operators

AXA Partners offers offers insurance and assistance contracts on three levels:

  • Assistance for people

  • Insurance for items such as luggage or for travel disruptions

  • The multi-risk grouping of assistance and insurance propositions.

AXA Partners's travel assistance solutions integrete directly into your platforms, allowing them to be marketed as a 'white label' platform by travel operators. This gives you:

  • A library of applications that can be integrated into your on-boarding process

  • Dedicated web services that integrate directly into your IT platforms

  • Integrated claims management with a single point of contact

  • Direct access to healthcare professionals & service providers

  • Compensation services.

The Partner of Choice for Travel Operators

AXA Partners has established long-lasting partnerships with operators all over the world and in every area of the travel business.

Thanks to our deep understanding of the business, our AXA Partners teams are able to support you with services that adapt to and match your customer portfolio.

It is in this dynamic of value co-creation that the AXA Partners teams are looking for the most suitable solutions for your end users.

A Global Presence

During a trip, no matter whether it's short or long, travelers can be faced with health problems. These can sometimes be complex to manage, especially when far from home or in a country where they perhaps don't know the language.

Our international medical network is at the heart of what we do. For 50 years, AXA Partners has been building and maintaining a network of more than 40,000 medical providers:

  • General practitioners & specialists

  • Hospitals & clinics

  • Medical & logistics specialists.

Audited and certified by AXA Partners, this network of dedicated travel providers is accessible 24/7, guaranteeing your clients an experience consistent with European medical care standards.