Critical Illness Protection

Gives your customers a cash lump sum in the event that one of the specified Critical Illnesses is diagnosed.

Critical Illness Protection Overview

Following the diagnosis of an illness, customers can be faced with a drop in income, increased costs or both. It can take months or even years to recover, and this stressful situation is made worse by a shortage of money.

Key Components

Critical Illness Protection, Serious Illness Protection and Cancer Protection give your customers a cash lump sum in the event that one of the specified critical illnesses is diagnosed. Each product pays a lump sum on diagnosis of one of the specified critical illnesses during the term of the insurance. The only difference between the products is in the specific range of illnesses covered, with Critical Illness offering the broadest range of covers.

Partner Benefits
  • Helps to secure loyalty and add brand value

  • Can be successfully sold throughout the year

  • Long lasting income opportunity

  • Suitable for many types of customer

  • Easy to sell

  • Easy to implement - we can handle the whole process for you.

Customer Benefits
  • Cash to help them and their family cope following a diagnosis

  • Free choice on how to spend the money

  • Enables your customer to focus on getting better without having to worry about money

  • Claim paid on diagnosis, regardless of the health outcome

  • Premiums are fixed and do not increase with age

  • Simple application process with a quick acceptance decision.

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