Income Protection

The insurance will pay the policyholder either a lump sum or a monthly benefit to help support them to meet their cost of living.

Income Protection Overview

Many customers are concerned about protecting their home and family and wouldn't be able to maintain their quality of life if they were unable to work.

Key Components

Income Protection provides a set percentage of the customer’s gross monthly salary to help cover the cost of living and financial outgoings. The product can be tailored to provide up to 6 monthly payments in the event of:

  • Involuntary Unemployment

  • Accident

  • Sickness

  • Permanent Total Disability

  • Hospitalisation.

Partner Benefits
  • Protects your relationship with your customer

  • Helps to secure loyalty and adds brand value

  • Standalone product which can be successfully sold throughout the year

  • Good cross-sales and Incremental revenue opportunity

  • Easy to implement, we can handle the whole process for you

  • Easy to implement, we can handle the whole process for you.

Customer Benefits
  • Monthly payments help relieve the financial burden if your customer can’t work

  • Don’t have to worry about having inadequate income to meet the everyday cost of living

  • Makes life easier at a stressful time

  • Gives them breathing space to focus on finding a new job or getting better

  • The customer can choose the level of benefit that best suits their requirements

  • Helps safeguard their credit rating.

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