More and more of your customers are looking to purchase and service insurance online. We offer a range of digital solutions tailored to your business model.

Going Digital

There are many ways to go digital and it can be confusing for clients to know where to start. We have developed a number of business models that recognise and cater for different client situations, for example where clients have more or less access to their own IT resources. We find that this helps our clients to quickly work through their own situations and the different digital insurance options open to them.

Digital Sales
AXA Enabled Models

For partners looking to integrate an insurance sales offer into their digital customer journey, we offer a range of API building blocks that you can use to design & configure your own digital insurance services.

API services allow distributors to draw on a range of API services, putting power and flexibility into the hands of the channel partner.

AXA Managed Models

For partners who want to start with something more simple we offer an easy-to-deploy URL model requiring almost zero investment from you.

This simple URL model allows you to add a digital sales channel without the need for an IT project. We build and manage it for you. The only thing you need is a link from your website to the new website to "Learn More". We do everything else. We don’t pass customer data with the link, making it easy to obtain security approvals. Disruptive change… without the disruption.

Shared Models

Sitting between the Enabled and the Managed models, some partners want to build the initial insurance offer on their platform (for example inside their Web Bank), and then hand off the transaction to AXA to close the sale. In Shared models we pass some secure customer data such as the customer's name or age, allowing us to support the balance of the sales process for you on an AXA-hosted platform.

Digital Marketing & Analytics Support

Of course, it’s not only about websites.  A website without marketing support is unlikely to succeed, and so all of these services are backed up with advertising content, social media marketing content and Google Analytics support, allowing us to work with the client to build out a fully rounded digital proposition and to understand & respond to customer behaviours. 

Digital Services
AXA Managed Models

Once your customers have bought their insurance online, they also want to service their policy and manage their claims online. Our award-winning Web Claims platform allows your customers to create their own account, file their claim, upload supporting documentation and track their claim online. And to ensure continuity of your brand across the value chain, we brand the Web Claims platform to reflect your corporate identity. 

AXA Enabled Models

For partners who prefer to create their own digital services offering and to integrate service directly into their own digital platforms, for example from inside the customer account within the Web Bank, we offer range of API services that allow you to build out customer services such as file claim, upload documents and track claim.

Self Service & Intermediated Options

Our digital sales and digital service options can be deployed for use in self-service environments such as customer-facing Websites or self service kiosks. And of course they can also be deployed for use in intermediated channels, where customers work with your agents using digital tools in branches, broker channels or showrooms.

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