Marketing Support

Together we help you market these propositions to your customers, building out strategy, analytics, technology, digital and channel marketing approaches for your markets.

Marketing Support

Today’s customer wants to choose the way they do business with you. Some customers may prefer face-to-face contact for certain transaction types, others may prefer to use the phone and – in more and more of our International countries – Web has become a primary channel for customer communications. Mobile technology is also growing fast and in many countries has become an everyday part of doing business.

Our Team

Our Marketing Support team understands your customers, your products and the channels that combine to make up your market. We combine this expertise to help grow your business:

  • Deepening relationships with existing customers

  • Reaching customers through new channels

  • Diversifying your product offering and 

  • Engaging new customer segments and markets.

We work with you to deliver marketing programmes that offer the right products to your customers across the entire customer lifecycle – with the aim of increasing long term customer value. Sophisticated data analytics helps improve decision-making, minimise risk and reveal valuable insights into your customers' needs and behaviours. We understand that our Marketing Programmes are only as good as the distribution channels we choose to activate, and where possible we recommend an omni-channel approach across the entire customer journey.

Marketing Strategy

Strategy and planning is critical to achieving business objectives. We help you plan, manage and optimise campaigns that boost revenue and profitability and improve the customer experience.

Customer Analytics

The key to a successful Marketing Programme is to be able to offer segmented and relevant products and propositions to your customers, and to design a robust contact strategy. Put simply … to offer the right product to the right customer at the right price.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Today’s omni-channel customer wants to do business by Internet, telephone, Smartphone, face-to-face and even through social media. We have the expertise and the teams to help you design the sales & service strategies to address this.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is such an important part of today's channel marketing that we give it its own special focus. We can support you with a range of options to help market insurance products to your customers, from API-enabled services that you can integrate into your own digital customer journey, to more simple managed websites for desktop, tablet & mobile. And we can help with advice on things like social media channels and content for your own channels.


Acquiring a new customer has been shown to be seven times more expensive than retaining an existing customer. We offer a range of services that help you with cross-sell and up-sell propositions as well as with targeted retention activities.


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