Product Development

We develop and supply a range of market leading Credit & Lifestyle Protection products to cover your customer's needs at different life stages.

Product Development

We help address your customers’ needs for financial protection, today and into the future. Our product suite allows you to make the right product proposition to your customer at the right time. This builds financial security at every life stage, encouraging long-term loyalty to you and to your brand.

AXA Partners - Credit & Lifestyle Protection has an extensive range of Lifestyle Protection products available. We offer insurance propositions across Creditor, Living Expenses, Life Protection, GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection), Commercial & Merchandise.

Your customers are better informed and more demanding than ever. They want solutions that are easy to understand, to compare with other products on the market, and which are easy to buy. Your customers want choice in both the product itself and the way that they purchase or amend their policies.

We also recognise that you may have unique Lifestyle Protection needs in new markets. In these cases our Product Development team works with you to tailor existing products to new markets, or to engage with you in completely new product development.


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