We run everywhere on a single global IT platform, meaning rapid & secure deployment of process & products wherever you do business.


We have optimised our global operational processes on a single IT operating platform, TIA. This is a modern, reliable, scalable and flexible platform that allows us to tailor insurance services and to deploy them rapidly to wherever you do business.

Operating Platform

TIA services include premiums management, policy administration, claims management, customer feedback management, operational controls, management information (MI) and customer experience optimisation. All of this is supported by a team of experts who manage:

  • Millions of live policies

  • Millions of policy transactions per month

  • Thousands of different products and versions

  • Hundreds of client interfaces.

We recognise that not every process is standard for every client in every situation, and we are happy & flexible to tailor services to suit your own specific requirements.

Our single global IT operating platform enables us to provide a flexible, tailored service and helps us achieve:

  • Speed to market with new products

  • Flexible and customisable EDI (electronic data interchange)

  • A wide variety of product types and configurations

  • A wide range of commission structures

  • Extensive management information (MI)

  • A single view of all customer activity

  • Multi-language and multi-currency

  • An integrated accounting system

  • Reduced IT setup costs

  • Rapid service enhancements

  • Integration with digital platforms such as Web Claims

  • APIs to enable a digital integration between your systems and TIA.


We’re committed to protecting the security and the integrity of both you and your customers. We follow a strict and comprehensive risk management framework which offers multiple layers of protection across a range of physical, network, application and database controls.

This covers security organisation, structure and policies, as well as best practices, administration and resource management.

Each of our internal controls is aligned to industry standard governance frameworks and is tested regularly by both internal and external auditors to ensure world-class standards that go beyond compliance.

Key features include:

  • A dedicated Information Security Officer

  • Formal Information Security Policy, Security Procedures and Guidelines documents, governed by our Security Council and Executive Management

  • Well defined and documented process governing Internet & e-Mail usage, remote access, prohibited file types, privacy laws & regulations, request approvals, IDs, passwords and password strength rules

  • “Integrity First”, our Financial code of ethics & security policy which is reviewed and acknowledged by our people – along with a Security Awareness course – every year

  • Global Security Council, a weekly forum which governs Information Security policies, procedures, initiatives and projects

  • Information Security Awareness program.

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