AXA is searching for FemTech’s ten rising stars

AXA is searching for FemTech’s ten rising stars

On the first day of the 2019 Women’s Forum, we are proud to announce, in partnership with 50inTech, a call for applications to find and support the world’s 10 best FemTech startups.

NOVEMBER 20, 2019

FemTech, a fast-changing market

FemTech (Female Technology) is a term used to describe innovations designed to improve women's health. It is a fast-growing market that is currently underfinanced, despite its considerable potential. That is because FemTech has been long overlooked by (overwhelmingly male) investors and treated as a “niche” market – even though its products and services address 50% of the world’s population!

This status quo is changing. The FemTech market is expected to reach $50 billion by 2050, and several startups have already grabbed attention, such as ObsEva, a Swiss FemTech whose successful IPO made a splash in 2017, and Clue, a startup founded in 2013 by Ida Tin, FemTech pioneer, which already has more than 10 million users worldwide. 

The FemTech Accelerator Program: for FemTechs by FemTechs

As a longtime supporter of women's entrepreneurship and women's health, we decided to launch our FemTech Accelerator Program. Our goal is to co-build a personalized support program with the selected FemTechs that will operate as a “business accelerator”.

Are you a FemTech woman entrepreneur?

You can apply to our personalized business acceleration program until January 30th, 2020

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We are looking for FemTech startups in the seed or Series A rounds of funding and headed by women. The 10 selected startups will be involved in building the program to ensure a close fit with their specific needs. Three types of support are planned:

  • Mentoring: Creation of a network of mentors, including top managers at AXA, strategic partners, and investors, to help project leaders raise funds or develop their business model.

  • Learning: Organization of a “Learning Expedition” to the FemTech hub of Tel Aviv.

  • Acceleration: The AXA Group’s innovation ecosystem made fully available to the selected FemTechs, to give them opportunities to grow their businesses.

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