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AXA Partners shares its information and experience, helping to answer fundamental questions about social trends and market regulations that affect the economic environment in which we operate.

“Attractive insurance terms – the difference between retaining and losing customers”

End-customers tend to skim over insurance terms. At the same time, they do have expectations. How well you live up to those expectations can mean the difference between customers staying or leaving.

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We bring relief in difficult times

Many of our customers don’t usually meet us until disaster strikes. 

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Let's Talk

Social Anthropologist Frédéric Keck on the Coronavirus

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Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

3 questions with Cécile Wendling, Group Head of Foresight at AXA

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Going Digital

Neil Mac Donald, Digital Marketing Director at AXA Partners talks about the many ways to go digital.

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Climate Risk

Protecting Cameroon’s Farmers from Climate Risk: 3 questions for Antoine Denoix, CEO AXA Climate.

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