We must always be one step ahead

Nida Matta, account manager at AXA Partners

“We need to be fast, solution-oriented and demonstrate expertise when we bring new ideas to our partners. We must always be one step ahead.” This is how Nida Matta describes her role as an account manager at AXA Partners.


Nida Matta's job is to create excellent business opportunities for both AXA Partners and its partners. “‘I’ve done a good job when it’s a win-win for our partners and us – and when our partners and their end-customers are satisfied”, says Nida Matta.

Nida's journey in the insurance industry began in 2010 when she received a phone call from a recruiter during her holiday in Mallorca.

“At the time, I didn’t think I would last very long. But here we are, 11 years later, working with insurance and still going strong”, says Nida.

One of the main reasons why she has thrived so well throughout the years is the possibility to work closely with clients, really helping them reach their goals. Yet it’s also thanks to the high degree of independence she enjoys at AXA Partners.

“I have a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to serving my clients, offering them the best solutions, and exploring new ways to collaborate. However, freedom does not mean ignoring rules, regulations and guidelines. It’s the ability to make some decisions without having to cut through layers of bureaucracy or hierarchical structures. This helps me to be more agile and serve my customers in a best possible way. In some ways, it feels like I’m running my own business”, continues Nida.

Loan insurance and expense protection generate stable business

The most important part of an account manager’s job is to understand both the client’s business and their end-customer’s needs. Only then is the account manager able to introduce clients the right products.

“Our solutions differ from client to client depending on their business goals. However, our most typical products are loan insurance and expense protection insurance. They cover end-customers’ loans and other monthly payments if they became ill or unemployed. To end-customers, it means more security. For AXA Partners’ clients, it means more secure loan payments”.

“Our products provide several benefits to our partners, such as more secure lending, additional revenue streams, a broader product portfolio, greater share of wallet and lower attrition rates, i.e., increased customer loyalty. For example, loan insurance, enables our partners to offer their customers financial security and protection in case of unforeseen circumstances. The end-customer maintains her financial security, which creates a more stable business for our partners”, explains Nida.

Customisation based on partner needs

AXA Partners has been in the industry for a long time and has extensive experience when it comes to insurance collaborations.

“Our partners appreciate that we’re professional, reliable and meet their needs. It’s important that we’re responsive and continuously offer suggestions for improvements and new solutions. Together with our partners, we tailor insurance offers based on their business goals and customer base”, says Nida.

AXA Partners also builds its offering around its partners’ businesses and digital capabilities. For example, AXA Partners looks at a partner’s ability to integrate insurance products into their main product onboarding flow. Perhaps a partners requires additional support when it comes to enhancing its digital capabilities.

Decisions regarding digital capabilities will also effect which type of products will be the best fit: standalone products or products that are sold as part of the partner’s core offering. Last but not least, detailed product terms and conditions are adopted based on the partner’s customer base.

“We can adapt insurance policies for various conditions; for example, half compensation for part-time sick leave, whether mental illness is to be covered, setting the maximum amount to be paid in the event of an injury, and so on”, continues Nida.

“Each partner is unique. My task is to cooperate with the partner to create the offer that is best for them, and their end-customers.”


One of the most important parts of the role as account manager is to be a guide and to be generous with your experience.

“I want to create relaxed meetings. It should be as easy to pick up the phone and call me. We’re on the same team. We’re heading in the same direction, and we have the same goals. We are partners”, concludes Nida