“We offer financial security and peace of mind”

AXA Partners Nordics – Creating value for your business

“We all need to feel safe in a world that’s becoming increasingly uncertain. AXA Partners provides that much-needed security we require to manage the unexpected”, says Jörgen Sandström, Country Manager Scandinavia at AXA Partners.



You can’t prepare for everything in life. Take COVID-19, for instance. Or climate change. Or the job market. One day everything is normal. The next day, it’s suddenly a completely different world. Things are in constant flux, and events are largely beyond our control. This is where AXA Partners comes in.
“How can I ensure my family’s financial security if I become sick or unemployed, many wonder. AXA Partners insurances gives you the financial peace of mind you need in order to seek new employment or to recover from long term illness”, says Sandström.


We ensure an uninterrupted cashflow

Almost all of us has felt the underlying stress of choosing the right pension plan and insurance policy. “What do I need? What’s included?”
“In these extraordinary times, people are increasingly interested in exploring ways to achieve greater financial security. Put simply, they want the reassurance that they can maintain their way of living when faced with unexpected challenges”, continues Sandström.
“Our job is to provide an uninterrupted cashflow. We are the answer to the question: How can I rest assured that my family’s financial wellbeing is secure, despite any unforeseen events?”, continues Sandström.

Innovations in expedited payments

When people contact our customer service representatives, they primarily want to know how fast they can receive payment. They need to make sure that they can pay their bills in time and maintain their household cashflow. This is hugely important to our partners’ customers.
Maintaining people’s household cashflow is therefore a major priority, and at AXA Partners we are working extremely hard to minimise the time it takes to handle claims. This is a key aspect of our customer experience. One example is our blockchain solution developed in collaboration with Sweden’s state unemployment agency, Arbetsförmedlingen.
“When our system communicates directly with the unemployment agency’s own system, it means less paperwork for the claimant. Previously, you had to confirm your status as an active job seeker by submitting a document biweekly entitling you to compensation. Our new blockchain solution has completely automated this process. So long as you are registered as a job seeker, you receive your payment. And when you once again become employed, the system adapts to your new status and payments cease. This is a major improvement for people”, continues Sandström.
Developed in Sweden, this solution will be gradually deployed across the Nordics. The next step is to devise similar solutions for other government agencies with which claimants engage.
“It boils down to providing financial security, peace of mind and treating people with respect during hard times – all in a timely manner. This is the essence of insurance”, concludes Jörgen Sandström.